Sheepgate under 25’s dressage championships: sun, scores and sitting up


Photo credit to Hoofprints Photography

Sheepgate under 25s is one of my favourite competitions. They put on a great show and the standard is so high it makes me.want to up my game and I try to keep that inspiration in mind during the winter months!

We decided to do 4 tests over two days so a team test and a warm up before each. I kept my warm up roughly the same for all of them but with differing lengths. So stretching in all paces foe the first half and the spiralling out on a circle with transitions (trot walk trot and trot canter) to work on reactivity at the end. See my Facebook or instagram pages for the scores from each test.

I think in all of the tests throughness and bend were what we needed to work on but as I said in the previous blog he had come so far since last year overall I was pleased with all of the tests. With my highest Novice championship score to date on 67%. Sadly due to lack of bend mistakes started to creep in and I was really gutted to be making mistakes in the team test. I did feel like I let my team down.

The learning from this show was massive. My transition work helped him to be more uphill and we were definitely getting some.really good moments. I just know now that it is confidence in my judgement that will improve consistency. If I’m hesitant, he isn’t getting clear black and white signals from me. If I believe in my training enough to see it through, I can then reward him. A highlight of the show was getting 2 x 7s for my riding when I focused on pushing my hands forward and away from me. I thought if that is all I achieve, it will be a personal win for me, I didn’t think it would be a big enough difference for the judges to actually notice! It was also really nice to a few days break away from my masters dissertation.

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